Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vitamin B in Ice Cream?

Beer.  I call it Vitamin B because it's so healthy for you.  Most Friday nights I get my Vitamin B for the week at a local pub - accompanied incidentally by my vitamin C at the same time.  (The young ladies know I like a lemon or lime wedge in each bottle.  I'd rather add my own than drink those lime-tasting beers the breweries put out these days.  Well...okay, in a pinch...)  But let's not kid each other about the real reason I drink it - I like the taste of beer.  Which got me to thinking, why can't we buy beer-flavoured ice cream?  Rum-and-raisin (my fave) is getting a bit old I'm thinking.  Yet, if they can flavour ice cream with rum - why not beer?  Or beer-flavoured popcorn, for that matter.  (Buddha knows it would blow the dill pickle-flavoured popcorn you get in those mall kiosks away!)  How about beer-flavoured toothpaste?  Or, for another angle on the same topic, why not actually put real vitamins in beer?  There you go, vitamin-enriched beer!  A whole new growth area for the suds industry!  "Out Here Beer, good for what ales you!"  Full of vitamins, minerals, and whatever.  Why not?  Better living through chemistry, I always say.