Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Demise: Save That Murderer!

The demise of common sense is one of my favorite ponderings, and the Placebo Journal (see link at the left) is one of my favorite reads.  To wit:  "In 1996, Reyes-Camarena, was convicted of repeatedly stabbing 32- and 18-year-old sisters ... The older woman survived 17 stab wounds to testify against him. Since then he has been on death row in the state of Oregon getting $121,000 a year in dialysis treatments.  It always continues to amaze me how we treat our prisoners better than many of our law abiding citizens.  Here is the wost part.  His prison doctor determined he was a good candidate for a kidney transplant!  Now Reyes-Camarena could be placed on a transplant waiting list ahead of others who did not commit any crimes and become the state's first death-row inmate to receive an organ transplant ... it begs the question, can a society be too civilized?... I just wonder when enough is enough."  The foregoing reminded me of a short conversation I had last summer with a prison guard while sharing his barbecue at the beach in B.C.  He mentioned - and was outraged as a former Canadian Forces member who served in Afghanistan - that the same thing happens in Canada!  Prisoners aren't treated the same as everyone else - they get preferential medical treatment, including a place at the top of organ transplant lists.  Listen up folks, I hereby change my Last Will and Testament such that upon my death I will donate my organs for transplantation on the condition they don't go to the incarcerated!