Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Demise: What The Duck?

Need more evidence of the demise of common sense?  More ducks landed this week (of their own accord, imagine that!) in Syncrude's oil sands tailings ponds and 350 or so had to be euthanized, just days after the company was fined $3 million for 1600 dead ducks from a similar "incident" in 2008.  That's $1875 pdd (per dead duck) according to my large-print calculator.  The biggest problem I see here is getting rid of the corpses before they rot and stink to high heaven.  As a matter-of-fact I think Ducks Unlimited should pay for the clean-up, after all they're probably the reason we have too many ducks in the first place.  Or perhaps North American golf courses would chip in if only Syncrude could some how attract Canada geese to their toxic ponds instead of merely ducks!  (Buddha knows, there are waaaay too many of those around, and they're giving Canada a bad name south of the border.)  The point here is that no duck is worth $1875, Daffy and Donald possibly excluded.  To fine Syncrude because ducks trespassed on their ponds is ludicrous.  Syncrude didn't lure them.  Ducks do what ducks do.  And what they were probably doing is migrating.  As a cedar house owner, I know how hard it is to fend off birds (woodpeckers in my case) for their own good - it's well nigh impossible.  At $1875 pdd, I suggest Syncrude hire permanent duck hunters to shoot the ducks before they land.  Kill ducks, not common sense!