Sunday, October 17, 2010

Evolution of a Blog

Word For The Day may not be gone forever but it is certainly banished to the corner of the room for now.  Last weekend was an extremely busy one around here with TG dinner preparations for seventeen relatives, a delightful extended visit from my father and our children (and their spouses and children - Maya included), and then a week-long illness that virtually incapacitated your humble scribe's grey matter.  The upshot was that I fell back on my Word For The Day to get me through some tough ones - four in a row in fact.  No more, dear reader.  As Out Here Too evolves, lessons are learned.  In future you can expect the odd missed day here or there during the year rather than enduring what I regard to be a half-baked post, and even (very infrequently) an expletive or two when essential for proper emphasis.  (Don't worry, we won't endanger our G audience rating.)  A name change may even be in the works.  (It's not that I don't love Word For The Day, but not all of you are as enamoured with the English language - and I can respect that.)  Call it the evolution of a blog, call it whatever you want - it's happening.