Saturday, October 2, 2010

Get Your Oil Changed Regularly

You know how it is.  Periodically a little bell goes off in your brain.  Either that, or your oil changer lets you know that it's that time again.  (The latter happens less often, I'll wager.)  Going too long without an oil change can threaten overall daily performance.  Some will change their oil too often - and even if they can't get into their regular oil changer.  Not me.  I am loyal to only one.  My oil changer knows the signs, understands the potential problems, and does a fantastic job that keeps me coming back for more.  A truly premium experience.  And then there are those who have "mastered" their own oil change.  (All of us have done it at some time.)  Less satisfying perhaps, but fast and cheap.  My advice: don't wait until you're distracted from your everyday responsibilities - get your oil changed often!