Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Most Interesting Woman In The World

She is modesty personified, yet she has much to brag about.  A first-generation-born Canadian who worked in the fields on her parents farm, her thumb is greener than any greenhouse maven.  She preferred helping Nona with the farm animals to toiling in the kitchen - despite being bucked off by a wild one at an early age.  Mathematics was her love at school, and accounting could have been her future, but teaching was her goal from the start - for her many gifts beyond math yearned also for expression.  (She teaches still, mostly one-on-one with the neediest as is her nature.)  Along the way she raised three fine children, the enduring loves of her life.  Unconditional love is her child-rearing secret, and now her grandchildren will also know her special touch.  Never too busy to listen, she is a pillar of strength for both family and friends.  And - always self-deprecating - she exercises mind and body to keep in shape, with the result that her co-workers perceive her to be ten years too young.  A sandy beach is often in her dreams.  She loves her family, gourmet cooking, a beautiful sunset, a glass of wine, and bird-watching out here.  She keeps me on the straight and narrow by constantly throwing me curves.  She is the love of my life - and the Most Interesting Woman In The World!