Sunday, October 31, 2010

Selfishness As A Virtue

Most people are selfish enough (and we all know lots who are too selfish), but my worry this morning is about people who are not selfish enough for their own good.  Basically, how can a person contribute to the "greater good" if they're a drain on the system in the first place?  If you don't have enough to maintain you and yours, how are you going to donate time or money to the many worthy causes out there today?  "Charity begins at home", my sainted mother always said - and she's right.  (Of course there are those who, for whatever reason, never seem to have "enough".  Enough by John C. Bogle is a good place to start for you high rollers trying to answer the question of "how much is enough?".)  Ultimately the answer will be different for every individual.  Balance is important, of course, between selfishness and charity to others.  I say when in doubt err on the selfish side - be selfish, we don't need any more people who can't support themselves in this world.