Monday, October 25, 2010

Twitter My Space Face Book

Social media - can't live with it, pass the beer nuts.  My Space and Facebook I get.  Did you know that supposedly the new barometer of a person's vanity is the number of "profile" pictures of themselves they put up on Facebook?  (Whoever put those two hundred pictures of me in my FB profile better 'fess up right now!)  Twitter is a different animal.  Tweets are a way to follow the every utterance of your personal gurus all day every day, assuming you want to.  But now there's Digg, Googlebuzz, and a hundred other social networking sites.  IDK, it must be a generational thing - a "you get it or you don't" sort of thing.  My hang-ups with social media run the gamut.  First, who has the time?  From the miniscule perusal of FB that I do a couple times a week it looks like some people spend a hell of a lot of time there.    Further, I recently read (offline no less) that Facebook users get demonstrably lower marks in school (thank Buddha I'm past that).  And lastly, I wrestle with the whole concept of "friends".  (Hint: if you don't want to know too much about somebody, don't make them a Facebook "friend".)  Then, there are real friends of ours who we don't need to interact with on a daily basis, but who apparently want to monitor us daily.  Sorry folks, we just use Facebook to keep up with family, so if you're not already in you're not getting in - unless you marry one of us!  Tweet, eh?