Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bird Flu Taking Flight Again?

Last week, Hong Kong announced it had a new case of a human infected with Avian Flu, the first such announcement (although perhaps not the first case) in several years.  Of course we'll never really know the extent of "the bird flu" until it's too late because several southeast Asian nations have stopped reporting human cases of the disease in an attempt to bolster tourism in the region after the Bali bombings.  Add to that the routine censorship exercised by many of the area's regimes - not the least of which is China - and you can see the potential for disaster down the road.  All we can hope is that under the radar the various agencies charged with containing and stamping out the avian flu virus in that part of the world are doing their job.  Computer-generated forecasts of the likely spread of the disease around the world if it ever gets out of southeast Asia are pretty apocalyptic.  Makes you wonder if the case reported last week is really the only one around, or if it slipped through the official "cone of silence" somehow.  On guard, KFC!