Saturday, November 13, 2010

Class Warfare in U.S. Streets?

It appears clearer and clearer as time goes on that the U.S. government under Bush bailed out Wall Street (after a decade of largesse towards that fabled avenue) while sacrificing Main Street, and that - despite Obama's populist attempts - right wing Republicans are now bent on restoring that favored status even further at the expense of the American middle class.  In effect, those with money and power have taken - and are taking - good care of those with money and power.  That's a recipe for disaster.  The have-nots will only take so much of this, as history has proven.  The violent protests outside the Conservative Party headquarters in London this week over British government austerity measures are a portent of things to come in the U.S. when it is forced to embrace austerity.  And make no mistake, raising taxes ain't gonna happen so deep cuts will have to be made.  (The big difference in these British protests is, of course, that hardly any Anglos have guns.)  The Tea Partiers who think the socialists are ruining the good ole US of A have been duped.  They will soon find out that the real enemy is Wall Street crooks and the Republican elite.  Americans who view the street violence in Europe as an anomaly shouldn't be too smug - it could easily happen here.