Friday, November 19, 2010

L. H. & Sons Anti-Freeze?

What with 18 inches of snow in the past 4 days and the high today forecast to be15 below zero (Celcius), there's no doubt that Old Man Winter has arrived out here (too).  It was a nice (no offence intended) Indian Summer while it lasted, but "she's history now" as Bennett would say.  Sure I got the rail fence fixed, winterized the lawn tractor, repaired some outdoor lights, took care of the leaves, picked up a load of manure from the neighbour's corral and tilled it into the garden, etc., during that balmy interlude - even got some (let's put the "X" back in "Xmas") shopping done last weekend in my shirtsleeves - but today was a different story.  Squirming around on the cold, dirty shed floor putting the chains on my tractor tires and then freezing my knackers off while I cleared the yard in the near-dark was a nasty, rasty wake-up call.  The only entertainment I got all day was watching Government Motors go public again.  (On behalf of all Canadians, please don't hold those shares for more than five minutes, Mr. Flaherty!)  Global warming has been temporarily and brutally switched off in this neck o' the woods for the foreseeable future.  It's a good thing tonight is TGIF, this body needs some Cookee, Haavy & Co., a slab of Alberta beef grilled to perfection, and some Lemon Hart & Sons anti-freeze.  Winter?  Bring it!  By the by, I noticed that we had a viewer from Indonesia.  Thanks, Barack, but don't feel compelled to interrupt your international junkets just to read OH2 - we'd all rather you waited until the weekend.