Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Sins of the Child, Part 3

Well, let's review.  If parents are willing to take credit for their children's achievements ("bask in the reflected glow" thereof) then parents must also take some responsibility for their children's transgressions, including crimes of youth such as theft, vandalism, etc., to the extent of being held jointly liable with their little darlings, paying fines and doing community service work, etc., as parental penance.  And aspiring parents could be informed of the gravity of conceiving, bearing and raising young 'uns - and guided in the community's expectations of both parents and child - via "preconception classes" leading to the awarding of a "license to breed".  Whether the prospective parents actually attended class and successfully acquired said license or not, they would be issued a course manual upon registration detailing their obligations as a parent to their child and society at large, including their legal responsibilities to both.  So far, so good.  (If you miss the logic, read Parts 1 and 2.)  Now, it seems to me that most of the gang trouble in our major cities involves (substitute here the region of origin of the gangs in your city) - although true to my magnanimous nature I certainly realize that the vast majority of immigrants are law-abiding decent folks just trying to improve the lives of their families (let's get that clear).  That said, if immigrants or their offspring are convicted of serious crimes, the whole family should be deported back to their country of origin - we've got enough trouble with home-grown criminals without importing them.  The result, I predict, would be a precipitous fall in gang/criminal activity.  Such a drastic measure would have to be accompanied by detailed human rights safeguards, of course, but even the mere existence of such a law would work wonders.