Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Beware of Flavoured Baguettes

I'm a bread guy.  I love breads of all kinds (and have paid the price in the form of those "love handles" that I sport bilaterally).  Other people may be able to spurn bread, but not I.  I especially like bread that is made from flour blanc and has a detectable crust - the kind that is popularly known as "French bread".  Baguettes, those other yard-long French loaves, generally have a crust that is a little too robust pour moi.  However, on a ski trip to Pra Loux, France, our meal plan only had two choices of bread; croissants and baguettes.  Now croissants are fine for breakfast, but at supper I prefer something more substantial so every evening I "broke baguette" - and voila! - even found that there was an intriguing taste to these particular ones.  "I wonder where I can get these back home", thought I.  And as regular readers of this space will know, I am an early riser, thus about trois days into our stay I decided to take an early morning stroll around this quaint little ski town in the French Alps.  As 5 am dawned on the world, I couldn't help but notice the quaint little bread truck leaving quaint little bread baskets full of fresh croissants and baguettes in front of the quaint little hotels around the (you know) town square.  Then, as I walked toward mine, I noticed something not so quaint.  Le chien noir stopped by our hotel's basket, raised it's hind leg and relieved itself sur les baguettes!  Hence the intriguing taste, and my immediate eschewing of all bread Francais on that trip!  Lesson learned: beware of flavoured baguettes!