Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Your OH2 Xmas Shopping Guide

Just in time for your annual pilgrimage to the mall, OH2 is proud to bring you - four stores to avoid.  Walgreen's pharmacy, the Gap, Timberland footwear, and Levi Strauss have joined the boycott of fuel from Alberta's tar sands.  The fact is that while America fiddles (a la Nero) about switching to renewables, these American bastions of free enterprise are cutting their nose off to spite their face.  They would be better off lobbying their own oil-and-coal-addicted government to speed up the transition to natural gas (the Pickens Plan) and renewables than carping about the tar sands.  Until then these four are going to need tar sands oil whether they like it or not.  James Cameron move over - you've got company on that horse-drawn buggy of yours!