Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Early Riser Rebellion

The other day I began to wonder if it is just our family and friends - or does everyone over the age of 55 get up really early in the morning by choice (or some pain somewhere)?  Since then I've run into numerous "middle-aged" folks who rise and shine way before there's any orb in the sky to shine under.  (One guy sets his coffee perk to start at 4 am - and then has to busy himself with morning minutiae while he waits for it to start because his wife forbids him to set it any earlier!)  That got me to thinking; if all the young people in the world love to "sleep in", we oldies could re-take the world while they're dreaming about Justin Beiber and Lady Gaga-gag-me-with-a-stick.  We'll go after punk tuner car stereo suppliers, punk graffiti artists, punk tattoo and body-piercing outfits, punk baggy-pants-that-expose-your-ginch-or-worse design houses, punk purple hair dye formularies, etc.  (Okay, we'll leave the latter alone for all those elderly ladies who like to dye their hair purple and blue.  Reminds me of that classic song; "Blue Hairs Driving In My Lane"  from Live in Front of a Bunch of D-Ckh--Ds by Pinkard and Bowden.)  We'll run our own denial of service attacks.  That's it, we'll shut down vacuous websites advertising all that punk stuff!  Too bad we can't bring back the stuff that really matters - like our youth, for example.  Of course our own parents and grandparents would love to have done away with beatniks, rock-and-roll, long hair, granny glasses, Thrush mufflers, girlie mags, and all of the signs of the impending doom of society back in the 60's ... and they failed (thankfully).