Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Freedom From Religion

I'm not just talking about the nice old deluded Jehovah's Witnesses couple who rang my doorbell last week (or the aggressive young deluded Mormons who know better than to even step on my property or I'll let loose the Hounds of Hell), neither of which are tax-supported.  I'm talking here about religious stuff in public places - places I support with my tax money and that are supposed to be secular - for the use of all citizens of all religious faiths (or no religious faith at all).  I don't want their signs on school property, or their turbans on RCMP.  (Why, when I'm stopped by a (Canadian) Sikh RCMP should I, a (Canadian) Hindu driver, be intimidated before I even roll down the window?  As an aside, are these people Canadians first and foremost, or is being Canadian secondary to their religious cult?)  I also don't want to see veils on anybody (the very meaning of the word "see" is obviated by same), crucifixes or skullcaps on teachers, or any other outward sign of what they believe - and by inference want me to believe - inside a tax-supported structure. When I meet someone new I don't want to know if they are religious or what their religion is, I want to know what they as a human being are like and how they contribute to the public good.  What they do in private is not my concern.  The long and the short of it is that I don't want religion of any sort shoved in my face when I am in a public place.  I want freedom from religion.