Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Laptop That Won't Die

No, not lapdog - I said laptop.  It used to be my daughter's, until her roommate dropped it and it started acting erratically.  "Can't have that while at university", the Best Buy guy confirmed.  (He hardly looked at me during the whole sales pitch - the curse of having beautiful daughters!)  So we brought the old lapper home, plunked it on the kitchen table, ignored the cracks in its chassis, nursed it back to functionality, and now use it for non-critical computing.  (I'm not sure what that says about this blog, which has been written almost exclusively on it.)  That having been said, we never really trust it when we aren't home, always shutting it down in case the battery causes a fire or it melts down into some sort of electric puddle while we're out.  I assume laptops should last longer than five years, otherwise Maytag should get into the laptop biz (our clothes dryer has lasted thirty).  Recently this HP acquired a wicked virus of some sort and - despite my valiant efforts to detoxify it - had to be taken to the computing specialist's ICU to be revived from what looked like certain expiration.  Now it appears the old gal has a few more months in her and actually may outlive the average lifespan of a lapdog despite being physically assaulted, shut down daily, and now super-infected.  In fact, if this keeps up we may have to give it a name - the laptop, not the lapdog.  How lame would that be?  Lame in the extreme!