Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Most Interesting Woman In The World 2

Where do I start?  She who studied for junior high exams comfortably ensconced in the big tree in her backyard?  She who out-boxed, out-ran, and out-everythinged every boy she ever met, including her brothers?  Pre-occupied with fun and games, she (by the skin of her teeth as usual) was steered by her very sage father into Medical Lab Science - resulting in Edmonton experiencing the whirlwind that the southern city of her birth already knew.  Upon graduation, travel beckoned and off she went to Europe and ultimately Africa where she worked for the U.N. while dodging hippos in the garden and adders on the tennis court.  The Bushman never had it so good (nor the caretaker she taught to read malaria slides).  She met a dashing American naval officer who asked her to marry him 3 days later (and eventually she did) - the prelude to two beautiful daughters imbued with the same joi de vive as their mother.  A natural affinity for people and technology led her to a medical software concern, where as VP she dispenses her vision and common sense daily to her many minions to the great profit of her employer.  She is loved by more people than she knows, and her name never fails to bring a smile to their faces.  She is The Most Interesting Woman In The World!