Saturday, January 29, 2011

From The History of G.S. Balfour ... told by himself:  "To digress a moment, you may wonder why the officers in their cups shot at the picture of Mackenzie King.  He was the most hated man by the Army Overseas because of the failure to enforce conscription, lack of adequate reinforcements and the feeling of many men overseas for 3 or 4 years that he diddled them.  We knew of the zombies, and the anti-conscription riots.  In Italy, and later in NW Europe, lack of reinforcements meant that there were inadequate men to hold positions taken against German counterattacks, loss of remnants of companies overrun on the other side of the dam canals in Italy, etc.  Politically we considered him a slimy bastard, and we didn't know till after his death about his mysticism, talking to his dead mother, consorting with Hull prostitutes, etc.  In every way an evil man - but politically he kept the Liberals in power.  I've never been able to vote Liberal since.  I honestly felt that the best way for an officer to give his life for Canada would be to assassinate the bastard.  Obviously so did many others - after he was roundly booed while inspecting Canadian troops in England he never exposed himself to troops overseas again."  (1990)