Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Heroes Are Human

Lieutenant Tingulstat didn't smoke and liked lots of fresh air, often resulting in several inches of snow blowing through the open window of the Columbia Icefields Chalet second-floor room he shared with GSB during the wintery nights of early 1944.  One weekend the officers of the Lovat Scouts and their Canadian hosts "held their one and only Ball.  As there were only a few attractive girls left in the small town of Jasper, there was great competition for them ... A girl named Macdonald was very pretty and Tingle - with his good looks and Norwegian accent - had the good fortune to snag her as his guest.  Trouble was that he [had to cross-country ski halfway across the Rockies that day before getting back] late for the party ... The other fellows ... hurried him along, meanwhile pouring many drinks all round ... Tingle said later that he felt a little woozy [as they headed into town].  Only an hour or more late, of course Tingle's date wasn't quite ready ... Outside he passed out over the low picket fence and hung there.  Since ... it was about 30 below zero, the others cheerfully dragged him into a vehicle and happily bore the girl off to the Ball."  Within a year Tingle was machine-gunned to death in the Italian Alps while skiing a message between Allied camps for the Americans.