Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's The Water!

Remember the claim that the water in Tumwater, WA, was the reason Olympia beer tasted so good?  Well, apparently the water out here too is pretty good.  Over the holidays (especially the morning after "Sambuca can't hurt you"), with a houseful of relatives (many of whom apparently need their morning java fix more quickly and copiously than yours truly), the choice of, grinding of, and brewing of coffee took on a new significance.  I'm generally too lazy to do "the daily grind" (wakes up you-know-who at 5 am), and choose cans of coffee based more on cost (come on Tim Horton's, give us a break!) and what I don't like (Hills Bros leaves a strong toxic metallic taste that lasts all day, thank you very much) than any particular taste based on my aging 'buds.  Apologizing for my coffee-brewing shortcomings, I was surprised to hear that my brother ranks coffee a la Balf very high on his Top Ten tasty list.  Why?  He thinks it's our well water.  Well, water (!) here on the acreage has always tasted good to me, consumed as it is without treatment of any sort.  And it tested well at the local health unit lab - at least twenty-five years ago when we last had it investigated.  A bit light on fluoride, so we had to augment the kids' orange juice with a drop every morning - but otherwise the sweetest tasting H2O I've ever come across.  I guess now maybe we'll stop hauling bottled water from the city to make our wine with, blasphemous as that may seem.