Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just Wait A Minute

... if you don't like the weather out here, that is.  Literally.  Last Sunday as we drove east we were enjoying +7 degrees C, a welcome respite (finally) from weeks in the deep freeze.  (I was even a bit hesitant to leave in the throes of a "big melt" because we have a !@#$-pile of snow out there just waiting to overwhelm our drains.)  It was still +7 as we started up the Brocket hill and get this, minus 18 C at the top!  A 25 degree C change in less than a mile!  And it remained at least that cold for the rest of the day.  Arriving back out here around 7 pm as we did, the evidence of the big melt followed by the "big freeze" was evident in the hockey rink formerly known as our driveway.  Now fast forward to Monday morning, with -23 degrees C at around 7am but plus 6 C predicted by that afternoon.  Could Buddha pull it off twice in twenty-four hours?  Sure enough, although it stayed cold all morning, at 1pm all the windows in the house suddenly fogged up - a portent of warmth to come!  The temperature skyrocketed to +5 degrees within a matter of minutes (another 20-plus degree reversal!) and the big melt resumed.  Instant defrost, out here style!