Friday, January 7, 2011

The Next Big Thing in Golf

A recent court decision in New York could open the way for a new fashion accessory on the fairways and greens of the world - the golf helmet.  A NY jury found that there is no legal requirement to yell "fore" when your ball is headed dangerously toward that unsuspecting foursome ahead of you.  Apparently two groups of friends were "spoiling a good walk" when one in the rear group smacked a ball toward one in the lead group, but neglected to yell the age-old warning of an incoming Top Flite missile.  The resulting injury led to the court case.  (It doesn't say whether the two are still friends, but you can draw your own conclusion.)  Helmets now permeate the ski slopes of the world after just a few legal decisions paved the way for that billion-dollar trend, so you can expect the same to happen at your local Pebble Beach pro shop soon.  Color-coordinated, Kevlar-tough, perhaps with a trendy peak (but definitely strapless), the golf gourd-guard is on its way.  You heard it first on OH2.