Thursday, January 20, 2011

Observations on Toddler TV Too

Lately I keep running into young couples who don't let their kids watch TV, any TV.  Now first let me say that I am well aware of the myriad studies extolling the damage television can do at an early age, and I wholeheartedly concur with them.  Personally I don't think any TV before the age of two is necessary or advisable.  (You just have to look around your local Wal-Mart to see the sort of self-centered slobs and dazed ADS kids who no doubt depend on the one-eyed monster as babysitter.  That's right, a monster as a babysitter!)  The vast majority of what's on is highly inappropriate, even overtly disturbing, to impressionable young minds - minds that are still developing physically as well as intellectually.  (And I have long suspected that some of the many learning disabilities kids display these days have their roots in too much TV as well.)  However, there is an old adage that "the more you restrict something, the more people want it".  (Prohibition has never worked; but we'll save a discussion of the War on Drugs for another day.)  TV for tots certainly needs to be controlled and phased in with age, but it should not be banned totally.  We all know of children raised in overly strict homes who went wild when they came of age.  Modern life without TV is just plain unrealistic.  And, as they say on PBS, television can be a child's window on the world.  It just needs to be employed intelligently.  Just ask Dora the Explorer.