Monday, January 17, 2011

Observations on Toddler TV

I have the unmitigated delight - due to my habitual early rising - to spend an uninterrupted hour or so once in a while with my two year-old namesake, also an early-bird.  (His parents need the extra sleep, Buddha knows, while my waking hours as I slide into my seventh decade are, suffice it to say, numbered.)  What we talk about and watch on TV during those hours is classified information, but a general precis For Your Eyes Only I'm sure he wouldn't object to.  What we don't talk about are: fruits and vegetables, potty-training and oral hygiene - topics covered extensively by his parents.  We do check out the TSN overnight highlights (sans UFC and the hockey fisticuffs - Don Cherry's Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em 22 can wait), Animal Planet, Premier League soccer, Discovery Channel and even old cartoons once in a while.  However, gone are the days of mindless morning cartoon marathons.  Time is more valuable these days, and education begins right at the cradle - with Toddler TV just a natural extension of that educational process.  The big draw is the Treehouse Channel, with Dora the Explorer his personal favorite, while The Cat in the Hat and Dinosaur Train are admittedly mine (although they both pale in comparison to Mighty Machines according to DWB's facial expressions).  Toddler TV doesn't seem to be as much fun as Sylvester and Tweety were in their day (let alone The Roadrunner versus Acme everything) but perhaps that's just maudlin on my part.  And of course everything on TTV has to be politically-correct these days, which tends to be a bit boring to almost any sextogenerian.  However, he and I always seem to find a middle ground we both can enjoy, and the best part for me is just being together.  Toddler TV, it's the best!