Friday, January 28, 2011

Premier Ted Morton ... Are You Crazy?

Ted Morton resigned today as Alberta Minister of Finance, and announced that he will run for the Alberta Premier's job recently vacated by Ed Stelmach.  The reason stated for Morton's resignation is that he doesn't want to be "distracted" during the leadership campaign, but the real reason is that he's gutless and didn't want to risk losing a fight in Cabinet.  You see, as Minister of Finance it is his job to deliver Alberta's next budget - a budget that the current Premier has already said will not be a balanced one.  Morton insists on a balanced budget NOW, and the back-stabber came eyeball-to-eyeball with Steady Eddy over the issue last week.  Stelmach resigned rather than split the Cabinet (and party) in two over the issue, but there's still lots of support for his version and Morton couldn't stomach the thought of losing that internal battle.  U.S.-style (and U.S.-born) right-wing fundagelical tea-partier wackos like Morton don't belong in Alberta's Conservative Party and should long ago have joined the rest of his ilk in the extreme right Wildrose Party, where several of his like-minded MLA's have fled.  If Morton wins the leadership campaign just watch those Conservative membership cards get ripped up.  (With a Premier like Morton, who needs Anne Coulter?)  What Alberta does need is someone to ride into Alberta on a white horse to save this place from Morton and his minions.  That someone could be the very classy and competent Jim Prentice, recently retired MP from Calgary, if he can be pried away from his new job at CIBC.  You heard it here first.  My rallying cry if we can't entice Jim Prentice?  ABM: Anybody But Morton!