Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some Thoughts On Life at Age 84

"Lately I have sensed that my body is wearing out faster - and that is as it should be.  I am content since I have had a long and interesting life.  My parents were well-educated, and contributed high ideals and a love of learning to my brother, sister and myself.  We grew up in a strong, loving and close environment until The War and distance separated us.  I had the very rare opportunity to care for my fellow man in my chosen profession for forty-five years.  Medicine was my passion and my hobby as well as my work, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  My first wife Katharine and I raised three fine children of whom I am very proud.  And in turn they have provided me with seven grandchildren whom I love, and they seem well-prepared to assume their place in our society.  After my serious illness and long convalescence - and the death of my first wife - I was so fortunate that my dear May entered my life.  My retirement years were made so happy by our marriage, and by her love, happy spirit and gentle care.  I am deeply grateful to her.  I believe I have served my family and country with love and honor, and my community and profession with care and respect.  I have truly had a fascinating and wonderful life.  I wish my loving wife and family all my love, and my friends my sincere affection.  Good Luck to All."  (found in the papers of George Sigurd Balfour, dated March 1, 2004)