Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rock Frog - Weird or What?

As regular readers of this space have noticed, we took a break over Xmas.  And as hard as it may be to return to normal (whatever that is), one of the lighter moments of the past three weeks concerned the "rock frog" (or "frog rock" as some prefer).  Among the many phoned condolence messages we received, yours truly stumbled upon a phone message from a local tire shop that I should stop by and pick up a "rock frog" with my daughter's name and the year 2010 on it.  (I believe they said they found it outside in the grass before the snow fell - where else would you expect to find a rock frog?)  Now first of all, I didn't think I heard the message correctly as it appeared to be a tire shop calling about a "rock frog", and secondly because my daughter has not lived in Canada for over 5 years and - having just arrived from The States for Xmas - knew nothing about any "rock frog".  Nonetheless, a few days later I ventured into town, stopped in at the tire shop and asked to see the fellow who had left the message on our machine.  He being out for lunch, I sheepishly asked under my breath (after all, this is not normal tire shop banter) if anyone knew anything about a "rock frog" or some similarly-named auto part.  "Sure", said the parts guy, "it's right over here", whereupon he handed it to me and I stood there gaping at a perfectly circular, smooth "rock frog", ie. a green frog painted on a rock.  And sure enough, the obverse had my daughter's name on it and the year 2010, in script.  The tire shop knows nothing else about it.  Expertly painted and handsomely lettered, it really is quite a work of art.  But where did it come from?  Who made it?  Why does it have my daughter's name on it?  Why the year 2010?  Why the tire shop?  Two weeks later we have absolutely no clue to what's going on here.  Time to give William Shatner a call?