Saturday, January 22, 2011

What Happened to The Castle?

Or more correctly, the concept of the castle?  Not Castle Mountain (another Jewel of the West), but your castle and my castle?  And more particularly, our right to defend same from criminals?  Every time someone uses force to defend their home and loved ones from a burglar, home invader or Molotov cocktail-throwing scuzzbucket (as happened last week in eastern Canada according to the National Post), inevitably the most stunning thing about the ensuing news story is the list of criminal charges against the defender rather than the perpetrator.  Now I can understand that we don't want to promote vigilantism, or encourage undue force against the poor perp, but let's use a little common sense here.  How can a guy who's awakened in the middle of the night know whether it's just the little snot from down the alley coming through the back door - or some twisted serial murderer intent on doing in the whole fam?  The only correct answer here is: you don't know and can't risk the latter.  In other words, shoot first and ask questions later.  And if you don't want to be shot?  Don't break into my house.  Use the doorbell next to the front door, I only keep a baseball bat up there.