Saturday, February 12, 2011

"He's a Player", Said Haavy

Hmmm.  Player.  Love the word.  It's sort of a '40s or '50s expression that just makes you perk up and think "wow, that's the perfect word to describe that guy"!  The official definitions are, of course, inadequate - to wit: 1) a person taking part in a sport/game; 2) a person that is involved/influential; 3) a person who plays an instrument; 4) a device for playing musical media; and 5) an actor.  None of which quite convey the edginess with which the term can sometimes be invoked to describe a person who is not only "involved" (so I suppose #2 above comes closest for our purposes today) but who exudes ever so slightly just a hint of smidgen of an aura of, shall we say, danger?  A little unpredictability - yes, that's it.  You would trust the guy with your lawnmower, for instance, but not with your Mercedes.  Yeah, that sort of guy, certainly not unlikable (in fact, probably lots of fun if truth be told) but not the sort you'd trust with your sister.  There you go, "he's a player".  Indeed.