Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mexico Through A Cerveza Glass 2

Well, Batman, that was a party!  You're correct, Robin, that's what we used to call a shindig.  As previously noted, the main party of partiers arrived last afternoon/evening and after sun and suds settled into some more.  An intriguing bunch they are too.  The mother and father of the groom (who was dressed a la Enrique Iglesias for the occasion, the groom that is) arrived and nicer folks ya'll couldn't meet.  Joel and I are going to buy matching Easton baseball bats to keep in our respective pick-ups to deal with those punk "tuner" types with the boom-box speakers blasting at every red light.  We're mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore.  Who else was there?  The skater dude whose tattooedness digitizes and analyzes DOD data, the very striking Kathleen Karaoke whose husband told me she has performed at least a hundred songs thusly and yet remains undiscovered by Grammy, Betsy the internet-ordained minister who will officiate on Saturday with her baby Ryder (so-named because Papa Harleys) rapping the crap about big butts, the very entertaining and obviously bright Dewar's Don from The Soo who can't seem to stay awake past 7pm, the three pregnant ladies looking radiant but nervous about having their first, and We Be Jammin' Man Garry (and Mary) of St. Kitts hotel hospitality fame, to name a few.  But what happens today, Batman?  If you live long enough you'll see, Robin, if you die you won't need to care.