Friday, February 25, 2011

Mexico Through A Cerveza Glass 3

Well, that was a Rehearsal Dinner party.  There was no rehearsal, of course, but we had a formal rehearsal dinner anyway, yours truly assuming that it was dinner (and speeches) that we were therefore rehearsing.  All 56 of us in one room - lots of hugging, tears, etc.  At any rate, the speech of the night (er, the rehearsal of the speech to come on Saturday night) belonged to the groom.  For a guy who told me he had 3 lines written, it was one of the most heartfelt ten minute soliloquies I've ever heard.  He just may get one of the many prizes Canada Dave hands out each morning.  We then retired to the Snake Bar for (more) drinks, where I got to know P, a hedge fund/private equity relationship manager for a large U.S. bank.  Very interesting guy.  His advice: buy the content generators, not the networks - and certainly not the big pipesters.  I guess that's what I am then - a content generator.  Plus, I am very content to generate even as I degenerate, but I digress (again).  Then "We Be Jammin' Man" Garry and I had a long visit in the Aquarium Bar where we had all gravitated, hoping to find some dance music so the multitude could learn The Balfour Shuffle.  (Alas, no music could be found there so no shuffling ensued.)  Over (more) drinks I learned the histoire of St. Kitts and Nevis.  Sounds like a place I need to visit soon.  Time to fire up the catamaran now.  More from your lowly correspondent tamale.