Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mexico Through A Cerveza Glass 4

"Not possibla."  Yes, we registered for a catamaran at 10am, yes, we came back at 11am, and yes, I camped out on the beach all afternoon in sailing attire - waiting for the Catamaran Boss to pronounce the waters safe for sailing.  Now I'm no cat boss, but yesterday was the mildest wind-wise that we've had since we arrived and I know I saw the same hotel Hobies sailing earlier in the week in much rougher seas.  Of course, the Cat Boss doesn't speak English so the blonde chicklet taking the bookings explaineth that "the currents are too strong right now, come back in one hour" or two or three or four or ... and thus were we thwarted again and again.  I actually think the reason there was no sailboat use yesterday was that the 3 or 4 sail slugs who rig, de-rig and size the PFD's while giving cursory instructions before launching these craft were otherwise engaged (probably downtown making some real coin selling dope).  Why else, when they've been there everyday, would they not show up today?  We'll try again this morning but inevitably we'll get the boat this afternoon at the same time the wedding starts - not possibla!  Oh yes, the wedding, wow!  On the beach at four this afternoon.  Very cool.