Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mexico Through A Cerveza Glass 5

Or it could be that there's no financial incentive for the Catamaran Boss to promote - or even allow - sailboat use.  The motorized ocean-going paraphernalia at the same shack on the same beach are not included in "all inclusive" you see, and they don't seem to be subject to the not possibla policy (they're allowed out whenever someone pays up).  At any rate, I may have to offer some financial incentive today myself to grease the wheels - it being our last day here.  (As you can no doubt discern by now, by the time the sail slugs showed up yesterday and Cat Boss cancelled "not possibla" it was too close to wedding time to go sailing.)  And what a wedding it was!  Absolutely the stuff of wedding dreams and bridal magazines (I surmise, anyway).  Late afternoon sun, great looking tanned B&G and guests, Mariachi band, a service just the right length, champagne and poopoos (appy's), white satin and aqua chiffon everywhere, oh I could go on and on!  Suffice it to say, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson tied the knot in style and will cherish memories of this day forever.  Yours truly even demo'd The Balfour Shuffle (albeit to mixed reviews). The only line I had to draw was at the suggestion that I re-demo the same at a post-reception discotheque.  It could have caused a dance craze a la Macarena and I just couldn't be responsible for that kind of mayhem in such a lovely country.