Monday, February 28, 2011

Mexico Through A Cerveza Glass 6

"Not possibla!”  The words were out of the chicklet’s mouth before I could open mine and, for once, I had to agree.   There were 6-foot waves and a wind so stiff that the sea spray coated us within minutes despite being fifty yards back from the water’s edge.  Sailing thus thwarted for the last time, we all headed for the swimming pool network to work on our livers, er ... tans.  And of course there were prizes to be handed out - mostly old pins from our ski team days depicting town, county, province, and country.  (This led to so many questions from the recipients that we held a history/geography quiz after dinner.)  Susan’s extensive walking tour of two other hotel complexes before dinner was much appreciated by all.  And, as the night wore on, Jose the Bandit and The Panda Bear At The Bar made their presence known as we played Name That Tune in the piano bar at the top of our lungs.  A couple more dirty martinis and a discussion of Withholding, and we all were ready to pack our bags and hit the sack.  As with a week spent anywhere, the little cracks in the veneer begin to surface towards the end of your stay, but all in all it’s been a fun-filled (if not relaxing) week of sun and sand.  We’ll be back, Amigo.