Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mexico Through A Cerveza Glass

The first of several tales from the Land of Montezuma.  Flight was crappy (could have had something to do with the East Indian family wedged between our row and the rear bathroom with the two screaming kids and their removal of all footwear including socks right after takeoff ... why oh why are we flying coach?  I said I never would fly coach again but here I am - and in need of foot/shoe-spray no less!).  The best part of getting here was landing in Houston and learning that Alexander Carl had been born to Ian and Dee while we were airborne.  Welcome, Alex, and congrats I&D!  And the resort is fantastic.  Five linked hotels with spacious grounds, lots to do, great bars, restaurants, pools and beach.  Definitely a cut above the Bahia Principe group.  Of course, arriving at night at a resort of this size and complexity led immediately to M&D getting totally lost on the jungle paths.  Our first morning on the beach led to sunburns despite 45-weight lotion, later progressing to third degree burns despite 60-weight in the afternoon.  Why, you say, didn't we quit after the initial singe?  Have you ever met my sister?  There's your answer.  And I'm proud to say that the tendency to overdue things the first night is a tradition we couldn't let die, so we're all a bit fuzzy this morning.  Today will be spent out of the sun, however the main complement of wedding attendees arrives today around noon, and apparently there are some hardcore partiers therein so we could be in for another debacle at the swim-up bar.  As you know, you can trust your humble scribe to keep them all under control.  That's it for now - off to the gym!