Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Most Interesting Man In The World

He is a dentist, a financial planner and a day trader - and a man of incredibly diverse interests and talents. From his early days, Mr. Woggle-bug (so named for the huge glasses he wore as a very young child,) showed glimpses of an intellect that did not wish to be focused, and could not be contained. Although sometimes involved in flights of fancy (who can forget the petrified mammoth tusk scheme?) his more practical side has given him a grounding that has allowed him to flourish (although in all honesty the credit for this goes to his much better half.) This dweller of the pre-dawn hours has accomplished much in his sixty years, though modesty prevents him from trumpeting it. Suffice to say, he has seen far flung locales in summer breezes and winter blizzards, experiencing much that the world has to offer, and still has the uncommonly good sense to be most comfortable out here.

He has overcome much in life: an early bout of polio, and explosion in his home and a nearly catastrophic skiing accident that left him paralyzed for the better part of a year. And yet, he doesn't dwell on these, but remains full of fun and ever eager to experience the next day. He is as much at home at a small country rodeo as he is in a big city museum. He is happy both with nose buried in book and partying late into the morning. But none of these things are the best thing about him - that is reserved for his incredible heart and sense of family. He has inspired three incredible children, and anchored his two siblings as they experience the travails of life.

He is, simply, the Most Interesting Man in the World - despite the fact that he continues to grant that title to others.