Friday, February 18, 2011

The Most Interesting Woman In the World 3

She knows what she likes and she knows what she doesn't like - and says so unequivocally.  Her quirky sense of humour only enhances her candor - a rare and beguiling combination.  Always easy on the eyes, she still constantly metamorphasizes, changing her looks on a whim.  She likes her men tall, athletic and from Waterton - the outdoors, firefighter type.  An accomplished skier, dancer, musician, and v-baller of note (and inspiration to her younger sibling, at least as far as the latter), she also knows her way around a catamaran enough to rescue he who shall remain nameless when in distress off Belize.  She could have been (might yet be?) a designer; her tastes leaning toward contemporary minimalism, augmented of course by her own unique verve and impeccable sense of style.  Maya is not just the name of an ancient people to her, it's also the name of her watchchihuahua.  And don't ever challenge her to a Blunston shopping contest (ever!).  She'll take home the most stuff with the least spent in the shortest time.  Which is not to say she isn't a careful consumer - au contraire!  She is the consummate shopper, instinctively knowing a bargain from baloney.  Admittedly severely bitten by the travel bug, she can frequently be found on a beach under the palms with her other amigo, Mojito.  Gentle dental care is her forte, wherein she exhibits an uncanny ability to treat thoroughly, pleasantly and painlessly (traits no doubt inherited).  And organized is she, with "a place for everything and everything in its place".  (Yet as a woman who recognizes her own foibles, she coined the word "spreadshit" to describe this organizational predilection.)  Who is she?  D-D Gorgeous to her mom (Krazy Kate to her dad) she is truly The Most Interesting Woman in the World to us all!