Monday, March 28, 2011

Bored? Let's Have an Election!

Although the announcement last week that Canada's government had "fallen" was breathlessly broadcast across the U.S. as if we were next in line for a regime change after Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen, I'm here to tell ya it ain't so.  First of all, non-confidence motions are a fairly frequent (and gentlemanly) fixture of Canada's parliamentary system - especially when the country is being governed by a coalition.  (And coalitions aren't so bad, folks, they indicate that the country is being run carefully by consensus rather than by an inevitably more insular majority - anybody listening south of the 49th parallel? - although, make no mistake, I do hope the Liberal Party gets their ass kicked.)  Second, things are pretty boring up here right now.  Too snowy/muddy to get out in the yard, no housing crisis, NHL playoffs haven't started (March Madness makes me barf), Afghanistan commitment almost done, banks fully capitalized and the oil sands humming away - nothing much to get excited about over the next five weeks.  Boring.  Borrrrring!  The Bloc Quebecois make no bones about it, they want to be bribed with hundreds of millions of loonies' worth of goodies for la belle province or they won't support the budget, the Liberal Party needs to lose an election before they can rid themselves of stiff and stuffy Michael Ignatieff (who secretly wants to get back to Harvard) at their next convention so they won't support him or the budget, and Jack Layton knows he can spew whatever he wants on the left because he doesn't stand a snowflake's chance in hell of forming a government.  Even Harper and Co. could use a break from the ridiculous "contempt of parliament" decisions trumped up by that opposition-dominated-partisan-joke-for-an-ethics-committee.  With a pretty impressive supporting cast (Baird, Flaherty, and Kenney come to mind) and a 19 point lead in the polls, this is the Conservatives' election to lose.  So relax, America, it's all good up here in the Great White North.  In the meantime, maybe you guys should try some of that consensus stuff.