Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Next Failed State

Worried about nuclear weapons falling into the hands of terrorists?  It won't be long.  In fact the whole nation of Pakistan is within the reach of the Taliban as I write this.  Widespread illiteracy, a deep hatred of the U.S., and an intimidated, weak central government with virtually no control over its tribal areas mean Pakistan could become the next Afghanistan (but with a nuclear arsenal) any day now.  Pakistani moderates are afraid to voice their opinions in public after the latest round of assassinations, and the secular ruling Pakistani People's Party (PPP) rules in name only.  Given the fact that Pakistan is constantly trying to undermine India in any way it can (witness the Mumbai attacks of a couple years ago) via its out-of-control secret police, the least of our worries should be violence after a cricket match between the two.  (India won that semi-final yesterday, incidentally, and now takes on Sri Lanka for all the marbles.)  Remember, this is not some desert (semi-deserted) sheikdom oozing Texas Tea, and with more camels than people.  This is one of the most crowded, dangerous nations on earth.  Apparently there was at one time a golden age of love between Hindus and Muslims in 18th century India - they fought the British together - but since India was partitioned in 1947 things have gone from bad to worse, India emerging as a leader of the developing world while Pakistan is degenerating into an ungovernable failed state.