Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Seen And Held: Alexander Carlo

Such a perfect little man he is too, at last seen and held by his paternal grandparents.  Congratulations to Ian, Dee and of course, David, the perfect big brother.  As Dr. Peter Schram said, when he delivered LEB, "I am always overcome by of the miracle of childbirth".  And so are we!  Dr. Sig Balfour (Alex's paternal great-grandfather) wrote, in a list of cardiological phenomena supporting his belief in evolution rather than the supernatural, "...the first few breaths of a newborn human baby, which rotates the heart just enough to close off the previously patent ductus arteriosis, and converts the oxygen uptake of the fetus from the placental to the pulmonary uptake of the air-breathing baby..."  Whatever, Dad.  This little guy rotated his heart right into ours.