Tuesday, March 15, 2011

...But You Wouldn't Like It Here

As self-deprecating as we Canucks are, Canada is looking pretty good these days (touch softwood).  A rock-solid parliamentary system of government, respect for the rule of law and property rights, a traditional separation of church and state, universal medical care, real estate values based on ... reality, oodles of freshwater, energy and commodities, a small highly-educated population, enough productive farmland and potash to feed ourselves and the world, strict environmental regulations, one of the world's highest standards of living, an experienced recently-refurbished military, a couple of highly-successful Winter Olympics, and a seemingly endless supply of comedians.  Peace, order and good government.  Sure, we're not without problems: the East is sucking the West dry, our carbon emissions and immigration rates are too high, and we coddle criminals, but other than that we don't really have any major political issues.  (Our legislators are struggling to find one on which to base the next federal election as we speak.)  And the brightest weekly political panel on TV, CBC's "At Issue", recently concluded on air that they didn't have much to discuss because there weren't any - major issues, that is.  Economically, our industries are booming, unemployment and national debt are under control, our currency is strong, our banks are safe, and the world needs everything we have.  Hockey keeps us fit and feisty.  And don't forget the beer - robust and full-strength, it alone is worth the trip.  Sorry about that exchange rate though, eh?