Friday, March 4, 2011

The Tea Partier

Recently I was re-introduced to an American fellow I met twenty years ago or so.  And although we only vaguely remembered each other, because the mutual friend who re-introduced us is so deeply admired by both (and because neither of us was going anywhere soon) despite our differences of opinion - which became evident very quickly - we ended up spending a fair amount of time together discussing our country's respective "political economies".  As a proudly small "c" conservative Albertan online and offline news junkie who loves documentaries and eschews Entertainment Tonight for the latest non-fiction book, I consider myself pretty well versed in said topics.  And I'm sure "Rush" (my nickname for my new buddy) considers himself just as well-read.  The essential difference between us appeared to be where we got our "facts" from.  I like CBC, BBC, PBS, and the financial media, while he prefers Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the Investors Business Daily.  We're both worried about many of the same things; immigration cheats, the morals of Wall Street, health care costs, national debt to GDP ratios, etc.  However I'm not worried about "socialists" behind every tree, and he thinks global warming is a cruel U.N. joke.  And we differ on who we blame for all these various troubles, as well as what should be done about them.  (He loves one of this site's mottoes: "Don't believe everything you think" - and thought I should adhere more strictly to it!)  Which all just goes to show the importance of the media filter we get our information through, as discussed previously in this space.  You are what you read.