Friday, March 18, 2011

U.S. Criticism of Japan Over The Top?

It seems to this writer that the talking heads of U.S. media have waxed too critical of Japan's response to the current nuclear crisis.  CNN even ran a segment entitled "Nuclear Crisis: Keeping Them Honest", directly implying that the Japanese officials have been dishonest.  Granted, it could become the world's nuclear crisis - and the Japanese certainly need materiel assistance - but still, let's hold off on the armchair quarterback criticism of Japanese officials just a bit.  I'm confident that there has been no dishonesty on the part of the Japanese government - just a very real lack of hard data from the reactor site.  (Remember, with the back-up power out, these guys were working by the beams of their Energizer-powered flashlights.)  Right now such criticism is just a distraction they don't need.  There are some very brave nuclear (and non-nuclear) Japanese workers risking their lives every hour of every day to contain this debacle.  And although the winds have been co-operative (blowing offshore, so far), the rain, snow and cold of late winter make everything more difficult.  The rest of the world can be assured that the Japanese will hold nothing back in their efforts at Fukushima-Daiichi, because the consequences of a meltdown to their own people and capital city would be dire indeed.  I suspect that some of these workers may be knowingly committing harakiri on behalf of the rest of us, and as a consequence will die a slow, excruciating death from radiation poisoning in the months and years ahead.  And finally, let's not forget one little fact: that some (if not many) of these workers will have been residents of the area before the recent earthquake and tsunami - and probably have missing or dead relatives.