Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Calgary Pit Bull Attack

Once again a little girl is recovering from a pit bull attack.  Her face bitten, she will experience a lifetime of canine terror.  The owners face $700 in fines.  Animal control officers will try to retrain "Peaches" after a fourteen day quarantine period (to make sure it doesn't have rabies).  If it can't be retrained it may be euthanized.  This sort of thing happens way too often in my view.  Any breed of "attack dog" is a weapon - a tool that, like a gun, needs special background checks, licensing, storage, and training.  Whatever the specific breed of attack dog, they have undergone decades if not centuries of breeding to make sure they have an innate vicious streak.  A vicious streak that, while useful in the right setting, is too often unpredictable in untrained hands.  I believe they should only be legally owned by police and military dog handlers - or banned outright as in Ontario.  Of course, the dog is only half of the problem.  ("Don't blame the dog", animal rights activists will say, "the little girl must have triggered the attack."  I can hear them even now.)  The owners of these ticking time-bombs are inevitably those sad individuals who find it necessary to own such beasts to draw attention to their pathetic lives.  Most of the time these fools are lucky, and get away with merely intimidating the neighbours.  Most of them don't have children, or quickly switch to Labradors and Cocker Spaniels as soon as they do.  We've experienced run-ins with several attack dogs out here too.  One of them would've died from my bullet if its owner had not also suddenly appeared within my line of sight.  Of course now he has Labs, not because of my arsenal but because he has children.