Thursday, April 28, 2011

Canada's Coagulation of the Left

With election day coming up on Monday, the latest poll being touted indicates that the Conservatives will win roughly 137 seats, the NDP about 108, and the Liberals merely 60, meaning the honest socialists would be Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition in yet another minority government.  NDP leader Jack Lay It On and Liberal leader Michael Ignominious could then theoretically merge their parties (in a desperate Liberal bid to avoid oblivion) and form a coagulation government.  Yours truly is ambivalent about this; we don't need a leftist government in times like these, but on the other hand the effective demise of the dishonest socialist Liberal Party of Canada is too enticing to pass up.  It would certainly clarify the political landscape up here and show the Liberals for what they have always been (malleable would be too nice a word), sleazes who'll say or do anything to get elected.  (Yes, it's an indication that Canada is becoming more polarized ala our neighbours to the south, yet I don't despair - our multi-party parliamentary system should protect us from the sort of excesses in evidence there of late.  A Canadian politician asking for a birth certificate would be laughed out of politics forever.)  And such a Canadian coagulation wouldn't last long; internecine strife would soon put it asunder when the honest socialists discover they can't trust the dishonest socialists.  Four elections in seven years?  Try five in eight!