Friday, April 1, 2011

Canada's Federal Election Called Off

In a historic reversal last night, the leaders of all three major Canadian opposition parties (excepting thereout, of course, Elizabeth May of the Green Party - who as usual is launching a protest through the media this morning) sat down with the Governor-General at Government House around 10:00 pm and pleaded with him to call off the federal election that began last weekend.  The reasons, cited by those familiar with the late night negotiations, were a massive "lack of interest" by the electorate coupled with the emergence Thursday of "hundreds" of petitions being circulated across the country complaining about the election being "issue-less" and a "waste of taxpayer money".  The Governor General took the leaders to task before finally succumbing and granting the cancellation, intimating that they should have realized the folly of a general election earlier rather than interrupt him in the middle of Ghost Whisperer, one of his favorite CBC shows.  He concluded the tete a tete by wishing all a happy april fool's day.