Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crass Commercialism!

Perhaps.  At least we're honest about it.  Partly because we enjoy perusing potential purchases online in the comfort of our home, partly because driving to town or the city to find and then purchase anything smaller than a chesterfield just doesn't make sense as gasoline prices rise, and partly because we're 75 miles from the nearest mall out here too, we have become huge fans of online shopping.  Before we buy we pretty much always surf the product reviews, compare prices, merchants and warranties, etc.  And it seems we're not alone.  In fact, statistics show that online purchases are growing every year.  It only makes sense, really, that if a retailer can operate out of warehouses and avoid many of the costs associated with thousands of retail stores, they can offer you a lower price.  The days of uncertainty about using your credit card online are long gone for most of us, in fact a lot of us now do our banking online, paying bills and transferring funds, etc. - not to mention trading stocks with abandon via online brokerages.  Even governments have found that getting you to e-file your taxes while providing all sorts of bureaucratic information online have allowed them to trim bureaucrats and deliver better service.  Both the public and private sectors thus have a huge stake in internet commerce.  In recognition of the reality of online shopping we here at OH2 have decided to provide links to some of our favorite 'net merchants in the column at right.  Call it the OH2 outlet mall.  They will constantly change over time, so check 'em occasionally.  And in keeping with our motto, "always brief, never boring", you'll find no flashing banners, no nauseating hip-hop music, and no porn, just passive links to sites we trust and use ourselves.  If you have a problem with one of these links - or the retailer behind it - or if there's a retail link you'd like to see included, please send us an email.  Do what more and more smart shoppers are doing: "TRY IT in-store, but BUY IT on-line".  We do.  And now we return to the Middle East, Japan's nuclear crisis, the federal election, Europe's debt crisis, the rise of China, congressional gridlock, etc.