Friday, April 22, 2011

Cretin Redux

Apparently we are all to be treated next week to the return of former Prime Minister Jean Chretien to the campaign trail, in a desperate attempt to rescue the floundering current Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff before he becomes Michael Ignominious.  Yes, he who brought you Adscam, the boondoggle that successfully transferred $400 million from the taxpayers of Canada to Liberal Party bagmen in Quebec (sort of makes Mulroney's $300k gambit look positively paltry, non?) and one of the most hated men west of Ottawa.  He who loved nothing better than to tweak the nose of our American neighbours whenever he got the chance - and thought the microphone was turned off.  He who canceled replacements for the ancient Sea King helicopters and paid a $500 million contract termination penalty thereupon (not to mention the other emasculations of our military under his rule).  He who lobbied the Business Development Bank of Canada to grant a $2 million loan to a friend (and constituent) to whom he had sold his interest in a local hotel and golf resort.  (The sale never happened and criminal charges were laid against the fall guy but Jean emerged unscathed.)  He of the Red Book.  He who invented the "Shawinigan Handshake" but failed to eliminate the "Golden Handshake" allowing politicians to receive a substantial lifetime pension after serving only five years in elected office.  He who promised and failed to replace the GST and renegotiate NAFTA.  He who nearly gave away Quebec as de facto leader of the scandal-ridden "No" referendum campaign.  He of Alfonso Gagliano and Sheila Copps fame (with friends like those ...)  All in all The Cretin should be a great help to The Professor.  I can hear my sainted grandmother rolling over in her grave at the spectre of these two together on the hustings.