Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Don't Blame The Kids

Okay, I might have been a little hard on "Wills" and Kate yesterday.  They - like all kids - can't help who their parents are; can't help the family they're born into.  For better or for worse, your family is what it is.  (Some kids even have fathers who write a daily blog that no doubt regularly embarrasses them.)  All of us should be judged on our own merits, untainted by the merits or foibles (or worse) of our parents.  Are we "good" people?  Are we contributing to the "greater good" of society?  Those are the essential questions of character that matter in the end.  Some parents are hard to live up to, others are hard to shake loose from.  Most fall somewhere in the middle.  Love for our parents makes it hard for us to see them objectively.  The outside world sees a public persona, which may or may not be the same one the kids see at home.  William and Kate are no different.  In fact, wealthy, famous parents can be an impediment too.  With that I'd better end today's missive, as I feel my cynical side emerging again.  (Incidentally, Wills, I'd go with the Royal Navy outfit.)